Designed by Pierre Robert de Latour in 2019 , the cetosonotherapy (CST) is an holistic healing method based on the capability of some sounds emitted by different species of cetaceans to enter in sympathetic bio resonance with parts of the human body (hormonal glands, tissues, organs, ...). This phenomenon has the effect of improving the well-being and health. 

The sounds used in CST  are specifically selected according to our survey for their beneficial effects, and come from the following species: orcas, humpback whales, false orcas, dolphins, and sperm whales, recorded with Aquarian Audio hydrophon H1A (1 Hz to 100 KHz), PA1-PIP buffer amp and Zoom H1 Handy Recorder in *;wav files, 

These sounds selected during our tests are called the Healing Cetaceans sounds (HCS) 

Their application is done by 3 different cetosonotherapeutic techniques : 

- Cetaceans Sounds Meditation (CSM) 

- Vibratory Contact Care (VCC) 

- Immersive Sound Massage (ISM) 


The cetosonotherapy is applied in addition of the allopathic diagnosis and care of modern medicine and, depending on the technique of care applied, allows to help to: 

- relieve the physiological and psychological imbalances, 

- maintain one's life force, natural balance and youth, 

- regenerate tissues, repair cells and to rejuvenate, 

- eliminate toxins, 

- prevent the appearance of pathologies by strengthening the immune system, 

- relieve some muscle and joint pains (rheumatism), migraines, digestive disorders, ... 

- accompany pregnancy (preparation for childbirth), menopause or andropause, 

- improve sleep, relaxation, general well-being, 

- reduce stress, anxiety, tinnitus, phobias, depressive syndromes, some cases of autism, 

- promote concentration, 

- increase physical and sports performance (individual and team), and the libido. 





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