The Cetaceans

A brilliant oceanic civilisation​


At the end of the Cretaceous-Tertiary, 65 million years ago, the fifth mass extinction in the history of the planet extinguished the dinosaurs and favored the emergence of mammals. A particular mammal species, the Mesonyx, has adapted to a mid-terrestrial and mid-aquatic environment and is the origin of all the cetacean species we know.

60 million years later, cetaceans populate the oceans all around the world. These giants roam the seas, living in family, belonging to distinct populations here and there in the planet, which form species, and together constitute a brilliant oceanic civilization.

Orcas, whales, dolphins have in common that they have an extremely rich social life, that they have the capacity to solve complex problems, to adapt collectively, by appealing to a social organization of great wealth. showing a formidable efficiency in the predation. If we were talking about humans, we would say that they are extremely intelligent. Dolphins have a 1.7 kg brain, orcas have a 6.0 kg brain when humans have 1.4kg... 

We have not yet been able to measure their level of intelligence as we do not understand their verbal language. But the most recent observations have led to scientific works that all highlight their incredible cognitive abilities, and their ability to adapt individually and collectively to the changes in their environment.

The basic tool of their social cohesion is their acoustic system, a system they have a perfect control and that the propagation of sounds in the liquid element makes it even more important. Fossils dating back more than 26 million years reveal that dolphins already had organs allowing echolocation at that period.

We also know that these beautiful creatures are aware of themselves and their surroundings, that they transmit their knowledge to their offspring, generation after generation since millions of years, which is the definition of "culture".


The work done by the pioneers of this new science called "Cymatic" begins to explore the sphere of delphinology. We are at the very beginning of a great adventure and a new era which opens the doors of one of the best kept secrets in the history of the world: the knowledge of this brilliant oceanic civilization and the incredible gift that it offers to those who will know how to discover it.

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