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Immersive Sounds Massage

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Service Description

HARDWARE Speaker Chiayo Focus 500 + Underwater speaker Lubell Labs LL916H (LLAC203E connector). PRINCIPLE The principle of the ISM method consists of installing the patient (s) in a pool or spa and immersing an underwater speaker producing HCSs underwater. The sounds propagate in the liquid element at a speed of 1440 m / s due to the density of the water (330 m / s in the air) and reach the target tissues and organs of the organism producing their repairering effects. INDICATIONS Physiological and psychological balance, energy harmonization, vitality, rejuvenation, detoxification, sleep, relaxation, well-being, concentration, performance, libido, concentration, joint pain, muscle, migraines, depression, pregnancy ...

Contact Details

+33 609769159

251 Chemin du Conjat, Bretagne-de-Marsan, France

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